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"Breakfasts was served on arty mahogany wood tables in a tropical garden surrounded strip - starting with seasonal fruit each morning, to fresh scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes or the typical Hondubreakfast. This serving can easily sustain you until an early evening dinner. The owner, Doña Elena is a very kind woman who takes true pride in her service, she offers one of the best breakfast in Copan"                     Ezequiel - Marbella, Spain.

" Every morning Dona Elena cooked something different and delicious for breakfast; we opted to eat dinner there every night (at an additional charge, but very reasonable price) and always had wonderful home-cooked comida tipica"                                                                             
Michelle - Chicago, USA


"The food that Elena prepared was amazing. Her fried fish with salsa and veggie sounded so simple, but it was incredibly flavorful.  Even a comfort food like French toast with homemade cream was so delicious"                                                                                                                  Gadabout - Atlanta, USA

"Dona Elena was incredibly accommodating to my dietary restrictions (I'm vegan) and made sure that I always had something yummy that I could eat at any time of day. She's the quintessential "grandma" who is completely committed to making her customers happy and comfortable.  I had several meals cooked by dona elena, that were delicious and served with fresh juice or lemonade"      

                                                                   Kristin P. - Vancouver, Canada
"Each morning we were served a wonderful breakfast cooked by Dona Elena herself. A typical breakfast would be eggs, beans, avocado and her wonderful corn tortillas cooked over a wood burning stove;  or it could be pancakes and fruit, or eggs & toast. The food is excellent, and Dona Elena will cook American food for you if Honduran food doesn't agree with you (I prefer the native food though).  The food is excellent and ample. Don't miss out on a lunch or dinner which are available on request at a price you can't beat, especially  since Elena is a fantastic cook"             Keith - Seattle, USA

"Elena cooks amazing food and always places high value on her customers, always so sweet and so willing to help you with whatever you need"                                                            
Meghan-Minnesota, USA

Doña Elena turns into reality the saying   "the way to someone's heart is through the mouth"  She has an old way of charm with her delicious traditional dishes escorted by her extraordinarily friendly service. Although traditional meals of the region are the specialty as ancestral heritage from  The Mayas,  some foreign meals are also prepared to please the taste of those who prefer to stay in the comfort zone.  

​...wake up to a tasty complimentary breakfast in front of a majestic panoramic view of the mountains, and the rising sun behind them.     

Our   Traditional   Cuisine